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What is BMX?

Bicycle motocross (BMX) is currently the fastest growing youth sport in North America AND is the latest addition to the Olympics.

The sport of BMX was created by kids, for kids. Back in the early 1970’s, a group of young riders were pretending to be their favorite motorcycle racing heroes by "racing" around a vacant dirt lot, twisting the imaginary throttle while they pedaled their bicycles. Thus, BMX was born.

That desire and vision has evolved into a full-blown sport in which riders compete on established dirt tracks elevating themselves to "hero" status. A typical race around a BMX track will last about 50 seconds pitting a rider against up to 7 other riders all going for the gold. Races are organized according to age group and skill levels, so everyone gets the opportunity to compete on a fair level.

BMX offers every rider the ability to participate at his or her own pace…NO ONE SITS ON THE BENCH! There are no coaches deciding who gets to play everyone gets into the action.

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Low Cost Family Entertainment

For many families, BMX racing becomes a weekly ritual. Spectators are always FREE and everyone is welcome to come and cheer on the racer (or racers) in the family or other friends. It is also quite common to see mom, dad, brother and sister ALL racing within their own classes.

BMX is a true family-oriented sport proving that you don’t have to spend a lot to enjoy an activity together.

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Who Will
I Race?

One fundamental aspect of BMX racing is that participants will compete with others their same age and skill level. Unlike other sports, BMX offers three proficiencies per age: Novice, Intermediate and Expert. New riders are classified as Novice and, as their ability increases, they will move through the skill levels. This structure ensures that riders will consistently encounter the fairest level of competition while always being challenged.

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It’s Easy To Get Involved!!!

ANY bike can be outfitted to suit BMX. This includes the beginner bike with smaller wheels or the mountain bike with gears. However, a few adjustments may be required to make them a bit more safe. Each bike needs to have padding on the handlebar crossbar, the stem and the top tube of the frame. Also, the kickstand and any reflector brackets will need to be removed, adding to that safety aspect. Riders are required to wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, enclosed shoes and a helmet (no fancy uniforms or special type of clothing is required). If you don’t have a helmet, the track will most likely have "loaners" for you to use.

When all of the equipment is in place, make your way to the track’s registration area and get your free 1-Day membership. You are now ready to experience the thrills of BMX.

Why BMX?

Self Esteem – Builds confidence and teaches kids about setting and reaching goals.
Physical Fitness – Developing strong minds and bodies.
Discipline – Helps kids to focus energy in a positive direction.
Bicycle Motocross (BMX):


Trial\Temporary Membership

Full Membership

Track Rules

USA BMX New Rider’s Manual


A few things you will need for your body and your bike before getting started:


Long sleeve shirt

Long pants or Shorts with Knee and Shin Guards

A bike

Pads for the cross bar, stem and top tubes

Reflectors, kick stands, pegs and chain guards removed

*Loaner helmets and pads are available at the track for first timers

Full Annual Membership

The annual fee for a full membership is $60.00. As a full member, the USA BMX racer receives a complete membership kit – including a number with complete racing rules and assorted stickers. In addition, the racer receives BMXer magazine – a monthly publication packed with news, current race coverage and rider interviews. It keeps every USA BMX rider up-to-date on all events, races and member benefits. In each issue, listed under the racer’s district and name, will be his/her current points and ranking. To top it all off, the rider is insured with secondary medical insurance.

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